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How to store your stuff

How to store your stuff

It is amazing what you can get up to in this time during the Covid-19 lockdown. Today I am sharing a couple of frames my husband has made to help me store my stencils, some 6×6″ background stamps and my most heavily used frame dies.

He started off cutting the wood and dowels to size and without using any nails glued the frames together. It was then his choice in how they were painted. Think it was his time to release his crafting side.

Once everything was dry – he proudly handed them over to me and these are the results. They sit on my desk and make it easy to pick up my dies, but also helps me to keep my stencils visible so that I use them more as I find that they tend to be hidden away and forgotten.

Keeping Note of Craft Stuff

This is something I never thought I would find myself doing. I am a visual person and love having all my crafty stuff on view. With the room getting smaller or just buying too much, I find that I cannot keep all my dies, stamps, inks etc, in full view allowing me to decide what I am going to use for my next project.

Today I came up with what I thought was as a good idea for me.  Using the application Trello I was able to start listing all the craft stamps etc into lists, organised by the brand. Then getting photos, they were added to each of the items in the list giving me a visual image. As you can see from the screen shot I will be able to easily find what I am looking for. Each card will also be linked to projects I have made using the individual items.

Hope that you find this helpful.

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ProMarker Pens Storage Solution

ProMarker Pens Storage Solution

As some of you may notice, I regularly use ProMarker Pens as my choice of colouring. However, I hate having the pens lying around (although my other half will disagree as he see them when work is in progress). I then set him a challenge to come up with something to store all my pens, but still see them easily.

He bought plumber piping from the DIY store, cut to length, built and painted two boxes, slotted the cut pipes into the boxes and glued together with silicone glue – and voila – my nice storage for my ProMarker Pens with space to expand sitting nicely on my desk. promarker-storage